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About Cindy

Having embraced the area of Sales and Marketing for many years has taught Cindy versatility in the world of business. Cindy gained extensive Sales and Marketing experience in the retail, wholesale, FMCG, and the corporate environment by attending numerous Sales, Skills, Business, and Social Media development courses, honing and opening her mind to developing trends toward the future of business marketing.

Cindy became totally captivated by the accessibility of reaching targeted markets and individuals through social media when starting her own business by marketing her books, speaking, training, PR and Hashtag Radio slot, amongst other entrepreneurial adventures. During this period, approximately 12 months, freelanced in a sales capacity for a gourmet food distribution company who unfortunately could not maintain their business and recently shut their doors.

This did, however; provide a wonderful insight into various restaurants and gourmet food outlets which, with her fondness for good food, kept her on their doorstep, enabling her to keep up with current trends. Some time back, after writing and marketing her own self-published books she started receiving inquiries from likeminded individuals and medium-sized business owners, to increase their visibility via social media as well as in the traditional media, of which she has built a comfortable base of regular journalist interest and advanced their presence online.

Cindy Pivacic

Cindy is a speaker, trainer and author relating to her HIV journey which evolved into PR Ninja, representing self-published Authors and Entrepreneurs. Cindy previously hosted a weekly show on Hashtag Radio, focusing on Author-Entrepreneurs and will shortly be hosting a show on Cape Town TV. (CTV)

About PR Ninja

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